How to get admin privileges for your limited account !!!

Hello guys,

This is a new cool trick on how to create a admin account on widows when you are only a limited user. e.g: your school you are restricted from using different services. like playing music, no internet browsing..etc..

Now this is the way to bypass that security measure.. please note this is only for educational purposes and it will NOT work on all the networks.
Here is a way to make either your existing account an administrator account, or to create a new administrator account on Windows, I’m going to presume the hard disk on your system is called C:\ and that the system32 directory is C:\Windows\System32\. It may be different on your system.

Step One:
First, open Command Prompt
(either; Start->Run->Type cmd.exe->OK OR; Double-Click C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Step Two:
Create an account, if you do not wish to create a new account, ignore this step.
Type the following into the black box that appears (command prompt)

net user <new username> <password> /add

net user max 123456 /add

This will create a password protected account.
The username will be max
The password will be 123456

Step Three:
Find all of the user groups that are available on the network

net localgroup

This will bring up a list like this
*Debugger Users

The command completed successfully. (can be different according to different systems)

Step Four:
Input the following into Command Prompt

net localgroup <group without *> <username> /add


net localgroup administrators max /add

This would add the username "max" join the group "administrators" and have all privileges related to that group.

This will work on local machines. and if you are lucky enough and the admin is not very good on what he is doing you can create your own admin account in an networked environment as well 🙂 🙂 but if the cmd command prompt is restricted or a manual access rights are placed then no way to make this work.. You will probably get into trouble if you get caught doing this.. I have only provided this as an example of what you can do with command prompt and thus why it should always be disabled on limited accounts, I am not responsible for anything you do with this. also note that this only work at home or in an unmanaged network.

Have fun

Maxguy 😉


~ by netsecurityfactor on August 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “How to get admin privileges for your limited account !!!”

  1. hi there, this is perfect i can get it all working i just have one question once you become an admin can u log onto that account and change something and still logged onto that account change it back into a restricted account without any one noticing
    thanks if you reply
    hackerkidwanab 🙂

  2. thanks for this advice but please reply to other comment i made

  3. i was wondering if u do this on a restricted account would it still work? and say once you have done what you wanted can you change your account back to restricted to cover up you’ve been on it thanks for your time

  4. It’s not possible. I’m affraid ! you can simply delete the account 🙂

  5. I really need some help here. You have to be a real computer genius to help me out. My brother locked me out of the computer and left a limited account with a pass. The pass is the same as my moms. So i used ophcrack on my moms and got the pass to the limited.My bro locked me out of everything.None of the Command Prompt stuff works(net user,and ophcrack etc..) so im locked out of evverything except internet and music and some others. HELP ME I WANT TO PROVE MY BROTHER WRONG!!! HE cant lock me out if I can get help from you guys email me at

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